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Let’s talk about waste water treatment

Since an uncountable number of years, the human being have produced a lot of things. Some of them to simplify our life and other ones, not too good. Some of them, are the sewer. Due to this, new companies born years ago. Dedicated to waste water treatment. No matter if the customer belongs to the private o public sector. According to the needs of everyone, the service is always delivered on time and with excellent quality.

However, is important to know that we are responsible for the result of those waste water. This come as a consequence of domestic and urban waste water and liquid industrial waste mixed with rain water or natural ones. The pollution level is so high that because of it, was created the pipeline systems, and sewage treatment. This activity is extended around the world tol increase the posibilities of a better use of the water.

The experience talk by itselfs

Now days, exist a significant number of corporations focused in the treatment of water, but, 30 years ago, born in Spain one of the best. Estruagua offers to their customers around the world, punctuality, warranty and quality, with a great group of technicians and giving the best in service and economically. If you check the catalog of machinery, you will find there, the right one to your case. You also can see success cases in countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, and Morocco.

The team is formed by 40 employess, hired considering their level of skills and knowledge of quality standards. The objetive for the company is the total satisfaction of the customer. Every product have been examinated to fill a definited number of needs for every occasion and every client.

Products and models

There are many products that can fit with any kind of treatment. All depends on the quantity (liters) of water to be treated, but we will mention some of the most commont in the market. For large solids, you can use the Hydraulic Pincer, whose construction is simple, but focused on handling quite quantities of firm material and mainly, a vast dimension of size.

Spillways are another kind of machinery that works for channeling the flow of water. The smaller one have a self propelled system. The helicoidal spillway, which function is to separate solid objects in the water to be treated. The hidraulic spillway is an interesting one equipment used for floating material retention in waste water structures. Finally, remember! Make an appointment in advance and consult with technicians, which is the system that suits you, according to your needs. If you visit the site of Estruagua, you can fill a form in the folder tab Contact.