Can you prevent a miscarriage?

The most devastating thing that can happen to any women would be suffering a miscarriage. Most of the women do conceive without any complications but the rest are not that lucky.

The Spiritual Self Care Tips

Discover spiritual self care tips for developing spiritually. See how prayer & meditation in the spiritual self care help prevent depression and anxiety.

Intellectual Self Care Tips

Get intellectual self care to expand your mind, keeping it active and smart. Follow the intellectual self care tips to keep on learning and growing.

Good Health for Self Care

Taking care of your health for self care is the first important step that one can take. Self care means to look after yourself in a healthy way. Whether it is exercising, or cutting down on some bad habits like smoking, the purpose is to improve health and wellbeing.

To start with good health for self care, try to lose weight and get in shape. Cut down on alcohol and stop smoking. See how these little changes in to improve your lifestyle can go along way to promote health for self care. Coronary heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression are all linked to poor health and lack of exercise.

Good health for self care starts with a good dose of daily exercise. Go for any vigorous exercise for 20 to 40 minutes a day. This increases cardiovascular capacity, burns excess calories and releases endorphins, which help in reducing stress and depression. Brisk walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are other forms of popular exercises. But take advice of your physician if you have not been exercising since long.

Studies show that even a little level of exercise is better than none. A regular routine will improve fitness and health for self care. Pick up any exercise that suits you style and convenience and incorporate it into your lifestyle. There is a perimeter to the amount of healthy exercise one should do. Remember that too much exercise can lead to overuse injuries, excessive weight loss and depressed immune system. It is also a must to get regular medical checkups and take steps to protect yourself from contracting any serious ailments.

Next, get enough sleep or take "power naps". Avoid watching too much television. Get massages whenever you can. All these little steps will go along way to promote good health for self care.