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Gentle Yet Effective Massage

At Blue Pacific Massage and Body Works in Hesperia, Ca. the massage therapist is definitely the gentlest yet most effective massage therapist I have ever been to.

On my first visit the massage therapist explained to me that she believes in helping the body heal and maintain its health with touch, she starts the massage with long slow strokes mainly to spread the oils but also to “tune in” to the body, feeling the muscles with slow gentle strokes and all the while she is doing an assessment looking for the areas in need of more work. She also explained to me that while she does the massage she is drawn to certain areas and usually as she works on those areas she will find an issue like a knot, a taught or stressed tense muscle. She makes note of this and keeps in mind to go deeper, focusing on that area when the body is ready.

Preferring to take the time and prepare the body for deep tissue by integrating massage techniques like shiatsu, cross fiber friction, petrissage, and muscle energy techniques (MET) or PNF stretching with the traditional Swedish massage. A Swedish massage is to use long strokes to relax you, where as a deep tissue massage uses more forceful, deeper strokes to work the deeper muscles and connective tissues, and helps break up knots, improve muscle positions and release built-up toxins.

The massage therapist gradually adds pressure to the massage strokes as she progresses with the massage. I can feel my body responding to the touch and I’m feeling more and more relaxed with each massage stroke. The massage therapist also explains to me how much easier it is to do a deep tissue massage when the body lets her go naturally deeper into the layers of muscle in the body. The more relaxed she can get the body the deeper it will let her go with little or no pain usually the kind of “hurts so good” type of pain is all her clients will ever feel.

When she works on a trigger point which is hyperirritable nodules associated with dysfunctional contractile tissue that illicit a pain response when digital pressure is applied, she continually checks with me for pain by using a scale of 1 to 10. I am told we don’t want a pain that causes us to flinch or tighten up as this would defeat the purpose of releasing the tension in the tissues. So as she uses finger pressure on a trigger point or taught muscle she is making sure I stay relaxed by only using the pressure I can tolerate. Her trigger point therapy with me has been such a great experience as she has relieved a lot of tension in areas that reflected or caused other areas to have pain.

Treating myself to massage therapy as body maintenance on a regular basis has helped me tremendously. I have also noticed my body relaxes a lot faster to the massage therapist’s touch and the tense muscles release with more ease than the first few massage’s. The massage therapist explained it has to do with my muscle’s memory, for instance, my body remembers and becomes accustomed to the touch of her hands and knows that they are not only relaxing the body but helping the body to increase its circulation, allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, stimulating the flow of lymph, the body's natural defense system, against toxic invaders. Increased circulation of blood and lymph systems improves the condition of the body's largest organ - the skin, so when the body remembers all the help the massage does it more easily accepts the help by relaxing and letting the massage therapist do what needs to be done.

Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works massage therapist’s techniques are “Gentle Yet Effective”. I would say this technique has been more effective than any other massage from my past experiences. Feeling rejuvenated, more alert and more relaxed in my daily activities definitely works for me!!!