Can you prevent a miscarriage?

The most devastating thing that can happen to any women would be suffering a miscarriage. Most of the women do conceive without any complications but the rest are not that lucky.

The Spiritual Self Care Tips

Discover spiritual self care tips for developing spiritually. See how prayer & meditation in the spiritual self care help prevent depression and anxiety.

Intellectual Self Care Tips

Get intellectual self care to expand your mind, keeping it active and smart. Follow the intellectual self care tips to keep on learning and growing.

Better Diet for Self Care

An important way to maintain good health is to take a note of what we are eating. Evaluate your diet for self care and check out if you are eating right. Whether it is us or our family and kids, our health will reflect if we are eating right.

A healthy diet for self care

Include fresh vegetables and fruits
Make these a regular part of your diet. Eat whatever is in season and avoid buying these from cold storage.

Lower intake of sugar
It is good to limit the amount of sugar, as sugar is high in calories and low in nutrients. Moderate intake of sugar should be included as part of your healthy diet for self care.

Limit salt intake
We tend to take in too much salt and our body doesn’t need that much. Limit salt intake to about 6g/day and take all caution especially if you have hypertension.

Go for less saturated fat and trans fat
Fats and oils provide twice the amount of calories per gram than both carbohydrate and protein. A diet rich in saturated fat and trans fat can lead to extreme weight gain and heart and circulation problem. So reduce dietary fat, for good diet for self care.

Reduce alcohol intake
Alcoholic drinks are again high in calories, contributing to weight gain. If you must drink alcohol, just take thee in moderation and with good sense.

A good diet for self care will:

1. Help you get the right nutrition for self care.
2. Help you keep a healthy weight.
3. Help you keep long-term health risk linked disease like diabetes and heart problems away.

Before we wrap up on good diet for self care, it is also important to mention to cut down your consumption of processed food, as these are high on the empty calories of saturated fats, added sugar and additives. Enjoy your healthier eating pattern and stick to the changes you make in your diet for self care.